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SINCE 1971
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Founded in 1971 by the Leung brothers,  Kuen Leung, Kwan Leung, and Allen Leung, our organization is committed to coaching and carrying forward the traditions of traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Lion Dance. 

Our style of Kung Fu is physically demanding and utilizes techniques not found in other styles; giving our practitioners an upper hand on their opponent. Beginners will begin with empty hand sets to build their foundation and then graduate to more advanced weaponry forms. Our classes are a great form of exercise as well as self defense.  

Our curriculum puts an emphasis on the sport of Lion Dancing.  We are one of the most well recognized lion dance teams and can be seen performing throughout all of Northern California. We are most well known for our highly acrobatic Jong performance where the lion must jump from one pole to another.  We specialize in providing high energy entertainment for all occasions. 




32 St. Louis Alley

San Francisco CA, 94133

(415) 720-8830

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White Crane
Kung Fu

Leung's White Crane thrives as one of the oldest, and largest Martial Arts schools in California. Our unique style of Kung Fu can trace its origins back to Tibet. It is known for powerful striking and kicking techniques to both evade and conquer an attacker.

Dragon And Lion Dance

Considered as one of the most picturesque folk arts of the Chinese Culture, our team practices both traditional and modern lion and dragon dance. With over 45 years of experience, we are the leading expert in providing best-in-class entertainment to make your event truly memorable. 



Since 1992 our team has traveled throughout the world to compete in various lion dance competitions and  has developed a strong reputation in the competitive sport of lion dancing. For the last 15 years we have represented the USA at the International World Championships. 

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